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Bachelor International Business Administration in Universities in Holland

Study at Universities in Holland is the right choice. The era of globalization is here to stay. Businesses all over the world take advantage of the benefits of the global market and this is the main reason why it is important to have the necessary skills and experience to manage a business anytime and anywhere you are. The Netherlands has some of the leading universities and business in Europe. Please find here an overview of universities in Holland that offer Bachelor in International Business Administration:

Han University of Applied Sciences

International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) is a 4 year business programme prepares students for business functions and management positions in internationally orientated companies. The 'Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs', the leading independent institute for evaluation of Bachelor programmes at Universities the Netherlands, named HAN University’s IBMS programme the best in the country. HAN University has offered the IBMS programme for more than ten years and students of many different nationalities have successfully completed the study.

INHolland University of Applied Sciences

Based on a major/minor model, this international business programme prepares students with required skills and knowledge on international business. Major courses are Finance, Human Resource Management, International Management, Information Technology, and Marketing. Some of the minor subjects are Asian Business Studies, Psychology, Corporate Finance, Doing Business in a Global Environment, and International Trade China to name a few. Courses in Dutch, French, German, and Spanish are also included in the programme.

Maastricht University

BSc in International Business addresses every important facet of the international business environment which includes administrations, economics, law, psychology, and sociology. Students can expect at least 1 semester of study abroad. The language of instruction is English. Graduates of this business programme will be equipped by analytical skills, thoroughness, and ability to communicate with different cultures that are greatly valued by global companies.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor in International Business & Management Studies The programme is a 4-year practical course that provides students opportunities to develop skills and useful experiences in managing businesses. Each semester students focus completely on a single business subject. It is divided into 8 semesters with the following thematic course contents from semester 1-8: International Marketing; Organization Analysis, Information Management; Supply Chain Management; Internship; Business Development; Elective Courses; Graduation Assignment.

Tilburg University

BSc International Business Administration is a 3-year undergraduate programme that covers knowledge areas of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Organization, and Management, Year 1 introduces student to various economic disciplines. After the programme, graduates can take one of the university’s 1-year Master’s programmes.

VRIJE University Amsterdam - International Business Administration

It offers theoretical knowledge and useful application on international business administration highlighting core disciplines – Accounting, Finance, HRM, ICT, Logistics, Marketing, Organization, and Strategy. Students will experience interactive teaching techniques plus their first case analysis presentation 3 weeks from the start of the programme.

Wittenborg Business School - Bachelor International Business Administration.

It is a 3-year undergraduate programme you are introduced to the theory of business administration and modules which form the building blocks of the programme, such as Management, Marketing, Finance and Accountancy. The curriculum of the International Business Administration programme is solely geared to allowing students the opportunity to complete a comprehensive work experience and graduation programme.

Erasmus University Rotterdam - Bachelor International Business Administration

As one of Europe’s top ten business schools, students of the said business programme are expected to experience a stimulating and very interactive learning environment with a class attended by more about 80 nationalities. The international faculty and staff are all enthusiastic and expert in their fields. This 3-year international business programme is recognized and respected by different international company recruiters. The first year tackles Behavioral Sciences, Economics, International Business, Informatics, and Mathematics. The next 2 years embarks on Business Administration and Economics, Logistics, Law, and Research Methods.

The Hague University - International Business and Management Studies

The programme features a unique experience for students – studying in a partner university abroad, and working in an international company. It is a 4-year business programme with 8 semesters. The first 2 semesters tackle general introduction of core business courses. Studying and working abroad starts on year 3; Hague University has more then 150 partner institutions globally. The 5 major areas of the business programme are Business Communication, Business Environment, Development and Learning Skills, Finance and Business Analysis, and Marketing.

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